Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Artist Alert: Broken Bells

This may not be your typical "new artist" due to the established credibility of the individuals that comprise the groupDanger Mouse from Gnarles Barkley and James Mercer from The Shins /* Font Definitions */
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but Broken Bells is nonetheless a new collaboration, and therefore yet to prove themselves. Synergy is a hard resource to come by and not all teams are better than the sum of its parts; thus, we are hesitant to anoint this a formidable duo until we hear auditory evidence of a harmonious connection. If these two can harness the goods offered by Gnarles Barkley and The Shins (which propelled both to early fame) and omit the bad (which expelled both from the realm of sustainability), then they should at least present some worthy material for the iPod (or iPad). So, we at Soul Reflecksions are not vouching for Broken Bells quite yet, but we are warning you to keep an ear out for the new duo.

Debut Album: Broken Bells [self-titled]
Singles: "The High Road" and "Vaporize"

Official "The High Road" Video:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty Lights

Noteworthy trilogies are rare. That is, for those of us that don’t live in a basement and and name our dog Gollum, noteworthy trilogies are rare. However, on Tuesday, Colorado based producer Pretty Lights (a-k-a Derek Vincient Smith) released the first EP of the Trilogy he plans on completing throughout 2010.

Pretty Lights uses a variation of electric sounds, broken beats and vintage samples to elegantly produce tunes that have made him a SoulReflecksions can't-miss amoung sumer touring artists. You can check out his beats at or catch him and drums/ visuals man, Corey Eberhard, on tour this across the country. The second and third legs of the Trilogy will drop on June 15th and October 12 respectively.

Below, Download "I can see your face", a track off the newly released EP: Makng Up a Changed Mind.

Pretty Lights - I can see your Face

Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Make It In America: LNA

Following Episodes 1 & 2 we were beginning to have our doubts with the new HBO series and started to believe Rosta Monsta had a better chance of making it in America. However Ben & Cam gained a little momentum in their pursuit of happiness and launch of Crisp NYC. This week Ben and Cam were able track down a pattern designer to create their prototype ("1970 denim"), while Rene looked to buy out his Rosta Monsta marketing partners with an offer they better not refuse. The series has picked up a little steam both internally (script) and externally (viewership)... let's just hope they stay on a parallel path.
"In movie terms the series was zipping down the wrong track ... one that would make "Ben Stiller" scream, but with the help of a hustling CAM and a kid who chose not to spread his wings; the show has begun to back the tracks right up and head down the path its producers had designed"

Each week we have continued our commitment to recognize established/up & coming fashion moguls who strive to "Make It In America." (See Below)
How To Make IT In America: LNA

Designer: LNA ( Lauren Alexander and April Leight )
Founded: 2007, Los Angeles
History: LNA was founded in the summer of 2007 by California natives, Lauren Alexander and April Leight. Started with the simple idea of creating the perfect men’s tee for women, LNA began as a basic T-shirt line that focused on fit, color, and the perfect cotton. That summer, the first collection launched at Barneys New York, Madison, and Henri Bendel. After receiving press in magazines such as Vogue and Nylon, along with a celebrity fan base that included Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton, Alexander and Leight decided that it was time to expand the line. “It was a natural progression for us”, says Leight. “Our idea behind the line has always been to create perfect basics with some edge”, says Alexander
The Look: “Our focus is always finding a new way to put our own spin on basics. Every season comes new inspiration and a new twist”
Kid Cudi - Know Why

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I Thought They Were Black?!"

This past year one of our favorite ReFlecktors put us on these natives of California. Since then "The Cataracs" have seen DJ's throughout the world show them "love in the club." Now Campa and Cyrano have teamed up with Greg Street to deliver a new mix tape filled with hyphy beats and feel good R&B jams.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Electro-Funk Soul Rock

We know you don't wake up bobbing your head and pumping your fists. Even if 'morning people' are the dominant bio-type, and set the attitudinal precedent for our daily culture, most still need a trip to Starbucks to get going. For those of you that prefer decaf, we have the Austin, TX duo 'Ghostland Observatory' as a healthy substitute. Yesterday, KTCL Radio announced the headliners for the Westword Music Showcase in Denver; CO. Alongside the impressive cast of The Dirty Projectors and Neon Indian, Ghostland Observatory will be leading the harmonious charge. Comparable to the space-rock melodies of Daft Punk, and the smooth oddity of Prince; these guys are definitely worth the storage space on your IPod.

Ghostland Observatory -
Sad Sad City
Ghostland Observatory - Silver City
Ghostland Observatory - Dancin on my Grave
Ghostland Observatory - Midnight Voyage
Ghostland Observatory - Freeheart Lover
Bonus Track:
Notorious B.I.G. vs Ghostland Observatory - Nasty Boy (Dave Wrangler Mashup)

Monday, February 22, 2010

How To Make It In America: John Varvatos

Last week How To Make It In America debuted to suspect reviews and this week was no different. How to Make It in America Episode 2: “Crisp” followed Ben and Cam around the city in search of a damn denim manufacturer. Whatever the underlying motivation is... "How to Make It in America" is off to a slow start and barring a dramatic leap in quality we might be following in Rachel's footsteps and "moving on to bigger and better things."
In fashion terms the series is following a familiar pattern and none of the threads really add up to much. This weeks highlight was a guest appearance by Detroits' own "John Varvatos" just in time to help wrap up NY Fashion Week.

How To Make IT In America: John Varvatos
Designer: John Varvatos
Founded: 1999, New York
History: John Varvatos started out as a designer for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein (where he pioneered the boxer brief), and launched his own line in 1999, combining Klein's sense of shape and Lauren's curatorial sensibilities into a rock 'n' roll-inspired collection of suiting, denim, and edgy knits. Varvatos won CFDA awards in 2000, 2001, and 2005, and also maintains a successful ongoing collaboration with Converse. In 2007, he was named GQ's Designer of the Year.
The Look: Sinatra meets Slash (Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Look Book)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alan Palomo: Neon Indian

'80s loving culture vulture does his best to make pop music music weird ... The mexico born Texas raised Alan Palomo delivers a laid back electro sound that will have you reminiscing about the summer. With hazy beats and dusty sounds Neon Indian is an upgrade to long time favorite of Soul Reflecksions MGMT.

Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill